Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A gray hair

I found my first gray hair on my head today. Although it hurt when I pulled it out by the root, I am convinced that it must be someone elses, I am far too young and beautiful to have manifested a gray hair. Other people do that. I have thick full hair that changes colors with the seasons sometimes, Red in the fall, sometimes, blond to white in the summer and dark and dirty blond most of the time. But on occasion (presidents day, eva perons birthday, or other momentous occasions) it is black. Which reminds me that most rappers are black. Which leads me to my blog name, Mack Chill Jet. That is my rapper name. Not that I am a rapper, or black for that matter, but it would be what my name was if I was a rapper. How did I come up with Mack Chill Jet? Why I plugged my real name into an anagram generator. it is funny the things that you come up with. Try your name or the company you work for or your bosses name. Talk about the zen-like insight you get out of the results. So if you have too much time on your hands and you wanna have some cheap laffs, give it a shot. It's the almost the most fun you can have without lube.


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