Tuesday, January 31, 2012

wow how time flies when you are having........something.

It's been a while since I posted. Years go by so quickly. Since my last post I fell into a glass coffee table and had a friend not been quarreling with their baby momma and spending the night on my upstairs couch I would have died. I dozed off on the couch downstairs, got up around 4am to pee, put my left leg on the floor, had a wince of pain, compensated with my right leg, listed to my right worse than the Costa Concordia, lost my balance and then yelled "OH FUCK" as I toppled over smashing tempered glass everywhere and ended up needing a drain, 75 external staples, and god knows how many internal stitches. Had my friend not been at my house I would have just prolly wrapped a towel around my thigh and gone back to sleep for.......well, forever, cuz I would have bled out. A week later when I realized I still had my drain and my wound site was green, the trauma surgeon follow-up determined I had a strep infection in the wound site and I needed the drain longer and horse pill sized antibiotics. YEAH!!! Happy happy joy joy! So I recovered and look like I had a shark attack on my right thigh. And that was the start of the whole snowball of doom that took me on a wild roller coaster ride through 2010. to be continued.......

Next: "What do you mean Avascular Necrosis!"


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