Tuesday, July 02, 2013

push that plunger

push that plunger and bringit on, all that is all that washascomeandgone. noonecanpompete, few can understand the nedle in your hand, your lover your best friend always with you until that end, andthe pain on the others side is not your fault as they flourish and anguish, recede and die there's no one to blame and no one to fault eyes wide shut they parachutedout ]and llanded in fields of glorius poppies and hope and vigor eith no one to stop them and all it took was all it took until of course there was not time foro onr last look. and inflated ego thought they could bring chnage and imaginary hope fulled their bravadoof hope andin theiy loseall they have toteh dope tha flows not through thoer brainbut right to the drainthe cause of the pain that rests on there shoulders for supposing change and restsontheir psyche of self importance imagining that they would mateer as even around them all livesin tatter and beattehmselves they do asthey go totheir rooms and like their rooms for toomorrow but dawns yet again with hope and misguidance and painful eprise off all that arisen with yesterdays surprise andonce againthey deluddedmarch onthe the dry cleaning bagof their choosing they just have to put onadn in alsone tormentthey thrsh andthey turn for sssomething in selfidhnedss they solemnly yearc,never to be feflatef to art they ;ve taken the levels to a brand new art and awesome they build the desire to kill all that dweels deep in side, that hope that they fostede and the promise ofnew days them imposed on the lost hearts that wantedtem not but the promise they got inthe soiuls that were bought bu the metal in their arm andthe emotions they harm because in truth araen;t we all responsible to each ofour anchors and poisons no matter tey be, they all bethe same from a doiffeents tree the pbrancees dwell in us all manifest and we fall til we wiggle and wisggle until just r can;t and then finally we arrive on tht farsidedbank, follish of action but true inour hearts we all acted noble acted out parts, ,iskentnly trying each other dforsize the ones to survuve are the ones to realize theat all thatmatters we hold deep insife and those tha can see born alone we will die and as much as we tryr there is nootthinginside that will add up the tides of theyearining insides and we mosthurt our dreams unshared thatthey seem fall on deaf ears but helps what we seem to hurt and redeem and struggleand scream and up all alone playes on stages reading lines fron the ages that follow not the bardswordsbut trry force our own til finnaly the viuce that calls us tohome shows ups us upt that we;ve been on out onw, that weve been alone andthepain comes within when unthinkable sinn thinks we draw others in and we dont. you owe me not, it's what i forgot when enforceing my will i managed to kill in the words sddest spoken ...oh what moght have bee,


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