Friday, February 02, 2007

That giddy school girl thing

Well, I never did get around the balls to say anything to that hottie other than to become acquaintances. And earlier this year when his employment burned, he moved to NYC. I pray he does well cuz he was very nice.

And since then I relearned everything I lost. I met a large amount of people that showed me how to have a great time and to be happy with myself whether I am a puddle or a mountain top. And as you can see by the Captain Dreadlocks post, I also met someone I love a great deal and hope to for my entire life. Can't say's I will love him all his life, but I will do the best to love him all of mine.

I got a new lease on life this past summer and sometimes I feel I am squandering it not doing the right things, but what is right and wrong? And by whose standartds do we judge? After all by a lot of society, just being gay is wrong. And you can get stoned to death for less serious offenses in the middle east.

So let me end this post by saying I am living my life once more, good or bad, right or wrong, and
I am taking each moment of liking it or disliking it as it comes. I have a future. I have a past. But one can only live in the present.