Tuesday, May 12, 2009

senior angst

there always is so much said about teenage angst.  unchanneled ambiguous anger fed by frustration at no outlet.  what about older angst?  once you reach a ceratin age, again you don't fit in and it is more difficult because there are less people to fit in with that like yourself do not fit in.  Teens can band to gangs of like, what do we band to?  who do we non=conform with.  Reminds me of th emonty python skit, hell's grannies.  And who remembers that anyway?

Sunday, May 03, 2009

ah marriage!

don't get me started.  gay marriage.  marriage between one man and one woman.  all of it is nonsense.  the government had no business granting marriages to anyone.  a marriage is a religious demarcation, not a governmental one.  if anything all couples of any persuassion should be given contracts.  if a marriage is to be sought it should be sought in the religion of your choosing.  if the religion you choose does not allow same sex marriages, then do not whine about it, choose a religion that does.  established institutional concerns need not conform to your desires, so if you are not happy with them, construct your own new ones.