Friday, October 17, 2008

and then it whirled some more

So time marched on and just after Christmas another friend showed up at my door.

He had just had a car accident. Pride kept him from returning to his parent's house.

We agreed that he could stay at my house for two weeks and any longer would involve rent.

I met him about 4 years ago. He was the guy in the neighborhood that seemed to have the most potential. He was smart. Handsome. Fun.

And he was the kind of guy that as a kid wouldn't come over to sponge money, but would rather ask you if you had work for him to do to earn it.

Day number two his girlfriend came over and seemed to stay. She was very sweet. There just was something not quite right about her though. Maybe it was the fact that she tried to commit suicide a month earlier when they had gone through a break up?

He was incredibly respectful and tried everything in the world to earn my praise at the things he did. He played with the dogs, took good care of the house, kept the pool well, and drank too much with me everytime the occasion arose.

He and the girlfriend fought a lot. she went home to her family's, either thrown out or just leaving on her own.

once they had a fight and she took a swing at him that made a 4 inch bleeding shallow cut on his right cheek. Sort of Like GI Joe.

Once she came over in the middle of the night screaming that she hated him and her friends were no good cunts because of a fight they had over her best friend's graduation party. He smelled of woodsmoke, bonfire. She smelled of rage.

When I had my surgery a few years ago he drove my car for me when I couldn't drive. Any job I asked him to do, he never let me down, but did it to the best of his ability.

He was very protective of me.

We had a barbeque in the back yard.

His cousins came over.

I don't remember them. I do remember a lot of beer. And did I mention the wine?

9:30 that night I woke him up for my car keys to go for more beer.

He wouldn't give them to me. He insisted on driving. We got more beer, although he was tossed out of the store for...."No shoes, No shirt, No service" But I got him an alcoholic slushy like he'd asked for before being tossed.

We went back to my pool and sat and drank.

Another friend came over. He had a bottle.

I didn't have a shot, but my buddy finished off the bottle.

He fought with his girlfriend about going to work the next day. They would get paid whether they did or not go in.

He couldn't stand up straight.

I myself fell into a lot of things. Definitely needed to buy some new lampshades and bi-fold closet doors.

I had face planted at the barbque but didn't realize what a mess my face was. Definitely Halloween Mask 3 months early. Trauma Victim.

They guy that brought the bottle took the bf/gf fight as his cue to go home to his family.

My buddy went upstairs, came down and through some plastic chairs in the pool in fighting frustration. I said, "well, everyone has to have hobbies, i guess yours is olympic chair tossing."

He walked to the deep end.

I got tired of waiting for him to come back and talk about things and figured he knew where to find me.

I went inside to the downstairs couch and fell asleep. Well, actually passed out I guess.

The next day a neighbor jumped the fence to tell me my friend was drowned in the bottom of the pool.

I was still smashed.

I thought it was a bad joke.

I stumbled outside and looked in the water.

Dialing 911 is no joke.

The State Police showed up.

I was lead away and questioned. All of the signs looked like there had been a quarrel and a fight and that I might have killed him.

They actually came out and asked me if I did. What, with the furniture in the pool, the scuff on my face.

The girlfriend had told them that she drove away around 12:30 and saw him on a floaty thing on the pool. She said I had wiped out my face at the barbque.

My best and truest friends in my while life came to see me the next day. They staged and intervention and took me away to alcohol rehab..,.............

to be continued

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

and so what a whirld it has been or, Whatever Happened to Captian Dreadlocks

And so a lot of time has transpired since my last entry and an entire lifetime seems to have gone before my eyes.

This is the shortened easy listening version, because life is short, life goes on and i don't want to lose a lot of time catching up.

Captian Dreadlocks and I got I got sexually involved. Who know you could chip a tooth on a Prince Albert piercing and that dental insurance wouldn't cover it.

This is while he was still dating and afianced to the DR. to be. And dating the incredibly exotic and beautiful asian girl with the pink hair, that I called Princess Pink hair. And while he was dating the beautiful bartender/student that had the psychiatric problems.

He and Princess Pink Hair were virtually living at my house and her constant prescence made me feel as though I was a guest at her house.

He introduced me to the joy and fun of the stemfast diet. Yes, crack. Four months of almost daily smoking.

I got fed up.

So did the fiancee and she confronted the other girls at my house one dark winter's evening.

She was gone from the picture.

Just up and left.

I decided enough was enough and went out and applied for a few more jobs in my field, because at this point, my income was the sole support. I stopped recreational usage. I got more and more disgusted at the turn of events. I was still very much in love however.

One night Captain Dreadlocks called and said he was borrowing my car to get a gallon of gas for his as he was stuck on the side of the road. Rather than waste sleep time arguing, i said, whatever, rolled over and went back to sleep.

4 hours later Captain Dreadlocks calls me from the emergency room I work at, telling me that whilst he had my vehicle he was stabbed 8 times in it and was lucky to be alive. They had aimed for his neck. If they had hit right on, someone else would have been making the call. He instinctively drew up his knees and deflected the killing blow.

My vehicle was on the noon news. It was the top story. It was full of blood. It was impounded by the police. There was a 1/4 of blood in the drink holders. I am sure a vampire would have loved the convenience. I did not.

He was released from the hospital later that day and when i finished up working at 3 of my jobs that day i found him recuperating on my downstairs couch. He was not stitched up and was bleeding, oh, just about everywhere. Thank goodness the couch was absorbent, or he might have drowned.

I paid the 175$ to get my car out of impound and contacted the insurance about a clean up.

I was shit scared, because whoever tried to kill him might come to the house to finish things off. My blood was running cold as ice water. I was in a constant panic and shake. Of course the alcohol abuse didn't help things either.

Two days later, the first day of Spring, my best friends staged an intervention on my behalf and tossed Captain Dreadlocks out of my house. He said he didn't have gas. One of them kindly had sent their husband to get a gallon, forseeing just such a situation.

I still loved him with all of my heart. He still professed and extreme affection for me.

One of my friend's husband was a captain in the local police. He and another officer escorted Captain Dreadlocks out of my life.

Time rolled on.

We talked occasionally. He came for his things, with police supervision.

He healed.

He broke his habit.

He got a job.

He got a new girlfriend.

He died in a terrible car accident 6 weeks after leaving my home.

Captian Dreadlocks was evicted from a car at a high rate of speed. He landed on his chest. His aorta was torn open and he died almost instantly.

We had patched things up. There was no hard feelings on anyone's part. I told him I loved him dearly but couldn't live that way anymore. He understood. At the end we were on the road to friends again as we had been originally.

I really did and do love him with all my heart.

One night I was driving near where he had his accident. I rolled down the window and called his name out 3 times as you are supposed to do to talk to the dead.

When I got home, written in the velour of the passenger side door panel in 3 inch high letters was the word "HI".

Since the car had been professionally cleaned of his blood there had been no passenger on that side of the vehicle. No one had opened that door. No one had been near that area of the car. And the word had not been there before. I took pictures and posted them on another site.

And life, being for the living goes on.

Captain Dreadlocks, wherever you may be, I love you with all my heart as I have never loved anyone else. Before all went as it did, you gave me a gift of esteem, hope and optimism.